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east london dog training

Adolescent Training Package

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A 6 hour structured training package designed with the specific physical, emotional and cognitive needs of adolescent dogs living in the city. These individual training sessions are delivered in-person and will take place in either Victoria Park or Olympic Park depending on your location. The adolescent training package is suitable for dogs between 7 months and 2 years of age. 

Your 6 x 1 hour Adolescent Training Package Sessions will cover:

- How you can help your dog through their adolescence - understanding how their brains are changing and what additional enrichment and support they need during this time

- How to become a canine body language expert and effectively establish two way communication between you and your dog

- Helping your dog focus on you when out and about

- Training games to help your dog overcome distractions

- Loose lead walking masterclass

- Strengthening your dogs recall 

- Teach your dog an "Emergency Stop" 

- Introduction to tracking and nose work

~ Graduates of the Puppy Essentials Package receive £30 discount - get in touch with me before booking ~