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The Separation Anxiety Training Subscription - Training for busy lives

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Training for busy lives. Choose when you train, take breaks whenever you need to, and stay motivated.

Help your dog overcome their separation anxiety and learn to be happy home alone with subscription-based training. If it was up to your dog, this is the training method they would choose - this is gentle, force-free, science-backed online training that really gets to know your dog and help get them over their separation anxiety. 

What's included:

  • Expert guidance when you need it most

  • Bi-weekly training sessions with me

  • Unlimited Whatsapp support during subscription period

  • Daily personalized training plans

  • Track your progress with the Be Right Back app, developed by internationally recognised separation anxiety expert Julie Naismith.

How does it work?

TL;DR: Online training sessions with me every other week. Every time you complete a training exercise, I'll send you another one based on how your dog did, and we'll track your progress in the Be Right Back app. Send me recordings of your dog. Ask me questions whenever you need to. 

Subscriptions start with an Initial Consultation where you'll tell me all about your dog and your goals for training and I'll guide you through exercises to assess your dog. You'll then receive personalised training exercises from me in the Be Right Back app. Complete each exercise whenever suits you and your dog (5am training session? Why not!) and let me know how your dog did, as this will inform your next training exercise. If you're ever unsure, I'll be there reviewing the videos you send me of your dog during training and answering your questions on whatsapp. We'll meet for a one hour online training session every other week to keep you and your dog on track to meet your goals. You'll receive a payment link via email every month to keep your subscription rolling.

Why a subscription?

TL;DR: Because getting dogs over their separation anxiety takes time, but I don't believe having a busy life should mean compromising.

Choosing a subscription model for separation anxiety training offers a more enjoyable, accessible and realistic approach than a one-off super intensive training program. With a subscription, you can progress comfortably at your own pace with regular training exercises tailored to your dog and ongoing support whenever you need it. Progress in separation anxiety training is often nonlinear and a subscription model offers a sustained approach by allowing for breaks when working towards long-term goals. I want to empower humans and dogs to train on their terms and in a way that works with, rather than against, their individual lives, making the journey to overcoming separation anxiety smoother and more rewarding. 

Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

TL;DR: Yes.

You can pause or stop whenever you want. Train at your own pace, pause whenever necessary, and cancel when you're ready to continue training independently. You're in full control every step of the way - your monthly payments are done via payment link each month.