Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety - sometimes they're born with it, sometimes it develops slowly over time. Sometimes, we simply don't know the causes. Sometimes all that feels certain is knowing you adore your dog and would never expect them to tolerate being left alone all day, but it's heart-wrenching and stressful to be faced with your dog's distress every time you step out, even briefly. Maybe you're imagining a life free from the hassle of constantly searching for dog sitters or spending money on daycare. Whether you're working towards several hours apart or simply want to be able to take the bins out, I can help you achieve your goals.

I’m a Certified Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer (Cert. SAPT) - every day I help adult dogs and puppies learn to comfortably manage spending time home alone. I trained with Julie Naismith herself and the sub-threshold training method I use has helped thousands of dogs across the globe overcome separation anxiety - even in the most desperate cases. While it won't be effortless, with my professional support, your loving commitment to your dog, and a tonne of motivation, this training method is proven. Let's work together to make life even happier for you and your dog.