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Pre-Puppy Consultation

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Thinking about getting a puppy? Preparing to bring your new family member home and want to make sure they have everything they need when they arrive? 

This 75 minute pre-puppy consultation is dedicated to covering what you'll need to know about puppies, answering any questions you may have, and making sure you're ready to support, train and bond with your puppy from day one. 

This consultation includes a personalised follow-up report detailing what we've covered and a follow-up checking in once your pup has arrived!

In your consultation, you can expect to cover these basic essentials:

- Bringing your puppy home and getting through the first few nights!

- Crate & toilet training

- Things you'll need

- Mouthing and biting

- Chewing and safe chew habits

- Socialisation and habituation

Pre-puppy consultations are held virtually or in-person.

Bookings cancelled with less than 48 hours notice are paid in full.