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Puppy Essentials Package

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Set your puppy up for lifelong success with this curated 6 hour puppy training programme.

Investing early in positive training and socialisation experiences is the best way of preventing phobias and unwanted behaviours before they develop. It also helps puppies develop positive and trusting relationships with their humans from day one.

Puppy Programmes are delivered as one 60 minute pre-puppy session followed by five 60 minute training sessions. (If your pup has already arrived, your pre-puppy session becomes an additional training session). 

Each session will be curated to meet your individual needs and expectations, and will centre the wellbeing of your puppy. Your puppy training plan will use only positive-reinforcement, force-free training methods and you can expect to cover the basic essentials for a happy, safe, and well-adjusted puppy.

Training takes place on a schedule that suits you (one session per week, one every other week, etc).

In addition to covering the essentials, this Puppy Package includes follow-up after each session - specifically tailored to you and your puppy - and email support between sessions.


Training sessions can include:

-Teaching puppy to respond to their name

-Crate training 

-Toilet training 

-Chew training - suitable toys & mental enrichment 

-Walking without pulling on the lead

- Recall (coming when called)

- Sit, Down & Settle training

- Managing puppy mouthing and preventing future biting

- Socialisation - setting up positive experiences for your dog

- Getting your puppy ready to be left on their own 

- Teaching your puppy how to "Leave It" 

- Handling (teaching your dog to love grooming & nail clipping)