How training can help

If you need help with specific behaviour issues or support with your at-home dog training, a training plan can help.

 I am looking for dog training because...

  • My dog/puppy is chewing furniture/shoes/something else
  • My dog/puppy has separation anxiety
  • My dog/puppy pulls when walking on their lead
  • I need my dog to come when called, every time
  • I need help with obedience training (sit/stay/something else)
  • My dog/puppy loves running away with stolen objects
  • My dog guards food/toys/the sofa/something else
  • My dog is fearful of children/traffic/fireworks/something else
  • My dog is reactive towards other dogs
  • I want to bond with my dog/keep them mentally stimulated
  • I want to learn how to clicker-train effectively
If you need support with something not mentioned here, get in touch - if I’m not able to help you, I can refer you to somebody who can. 
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